Change in motion – 2015
BA final degree work at The Swedish School of Textiles – Change in motion. 
The aim of this work was to investigate how the visual appearance of a garment can change by the use of air and movement. 
Process-work of ‘Change in motion’
Video from the cat walk
Unfold the shirt – 2014
This work investigate the costumers´way of buying clothes that are packaged in a certain way. I have worked with the folded shirt. Making the viewer think
that it is a regular shirt but when they unfold it – it unfolds to another garment. 
Process-work  of ‘Unfold the shirt’
Tomorrow by Josefin Runquist – 2016
Tomorrow by Josefin Runquist är en kollektion som Josefin Runquist har skapat för Lindex. Josefin vann pris för ‘bästa designidé’.
Kollektionen lanserades och såldes i Lindex butiker  i februari 2016.
Think outside the box

Think outside the box is created through
the interest in perception.